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Helix Imageworks is a creative studio specializing in the production of high quality 3D visualizations for architecture and design.  We create spectacular 3D Animations, beautiful renderings, immersive virtual reality environments & tours.

Our mission is to help architects, engineers, developers & real estate agents, designers and manufacturers by providing tools that communicate ideas & concepts in the most direct, efficient and thorough way.  We create realistic representations of buildings and products that only exist as ideas.  The visual material functions as a powerful bi-directional link between Designer and Client.  These visualizations are proven to accelerate planning & design process, help avoid critical technical & aesthetic mistakes in the construction or manufacturing phase, and are absolutely essential in marketing & promotional campaigns.

With more than 15 years of experience in 3D visualizatiοn & hundreds of successfully completed projects in locations all over the globe, Helix Imageworks is equipped with deep knowledge – not only of the technology, techniques & tools required for the production of cutting-edge digital presentations, but of architecture & design as the objectives of our work.  This allows us to quickly and efficiently read, understand and visualize concepts of any size – from a single room or object to complex housing development masterplans.

The team is comprised of highly skilled, enthusiastic professionals and artists from diverse fields: 3D visualization, animation and visual effects, architecture & design, fine arts, games & real-time environments, marketing & communication, engineering, development and real estate.  We share a passion for all things beautiful & extraordinaire, a constant desire to learn, improve, push the boundaries of creativity and technology and amaze ourselves and our clients.  Our most cherished reward is the forming of strong, long lasting relationships with creative, inspiring, visionary minds from around the world.

Kostas Pamfilos

Partner | Creative Director

The HELIX Imageworks story begins in 2003 when Kostas, with a background in 3D Animation & Visualization (BSc), 3D Visual Effects (MSc) and professional experience in graphic arts and visual effects production started a freelance Visualization practice. Focusing on quality of service and communication, he developed a unique ability to read deep into projects, identify unique selling points and strikingly visualize to bring out their best qualities.

Thanasis Vlachogiannis

Partner | Business Development Director

Thanasis is the driving force behind the studio's evolution as a business. He is equipped with a background in Survey Engineering (MSc) & Business Administration (MSc), successful ventures in engineering, development and real estate, and an unfading passion for progress, development and exploration. Visionary, restless and persistent, he's always on the lookout for the next move and the next challenge.

Evangelos Zerikiotis

Sales Manager

Evangelos is overseeing all sales and marketing operations at HELIX. Charismatic, analytical and equipped with deep knowledge of the construction, real estate and architecture markets, he will provide maximum value with the ultimate, custom-tailored solution for every client.

Angie Chatzipanagi

Account Manager

A master in multitasking and administration, Angie takes perfect care of the million things that must be addressed to keep a growing organization like HELIX going. Lightning fast, pro-active and always there, her presence is a real blessing for the team.

Kostas Karatasos

Project Manager

With a background in Business Administration (BSc) and extensive experience in event management & organization, Kostas joined Helix in 2017 with a mission to bring order to a chaotic gang of techies & geeks. Ultra-smooth & thorough, he's making sure all project scheduling falls into place, deadlines are met and internal workflows are constantly refined & streamlined.

Manos Fragkiadakis

Technical Director

Manos is the technical backbone of our practice. Vastly experienced in production environments all over the world, with deep and wide knowledge of CGI software, hardware and workflows, he is always there to provide workarounds to the many technical obstacles we face in our day to day operations. A living Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics & Master problem solver. Barefoot & invaluable.

John Moschovis

Lead 3D Artist

John, equipped with architecture & engineering education (BEng) and extensive practical experience in fine arts and 3D visualization is a key 3D Artist capable of producing amazing visuals. A meticulous, organized perfectionist, inhumanly calm & focused even under extreme pressure. We sometimes wonder wether he's a clone or some kind of super-creative android.

George Bigiakis

Motion Designer/ 3D Artist

George comes with a background in photography (BA) and 3D Animation & Multimedia production, and professional experience in CG and computer game development (himself co-founder of a games studio). He's a 3D craftsman with all sorts of useful tools & tricks under his belt, can come up with solutions at very critical situations. Passionate and very loud, keeps the office awake.

Harry Gkerekos

Architect/ Lead 3D Artist

With extensive studies in Architecture and broad experience as a professional Visualizer, Harry is a mighty force in production. Capable of producing technically and aesthetically outstanding visuals in the shortest timeframes, he infuses the entire team with energy and inspiration.

Stelios Petrou

3D Artist

With a strong background in Design & Visualization and extensive experience in architecture and interior design environments, Stelios is a key player in our production team. Always composed and methodical, will deliver impressive visuals however huge or complex his task.

Diamantis Tegkelidis

Architect/ 3D Artist

A strong architecture background empowers Diamantis with exceptional skills in composition, lighting and modelling. Thorough and accurate in his work, great team attitude - an all-round invaluable member of the HELIX team


3D Rendering

High quality photorealistic renderings for Architecture, Interior Design, Product/Industrial Design projects

3D Animation

Bring your project alive with impressive cinematic walkthrough 3D animations.  The most effective way to add that wow-factor to your presentations

3D Virtual Reality

Provide a unique experience to your clients with immersive 360 VR/Stereoscopic presentations

3D Tracking

A combination of live drone footage with 3D computer generated video that seamlessly blends an architecture project of any scale with its natural surroundings