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Helix Imageworks was founded in 2004 by Kostas Pamfilos.  He has always been fascinated by computer graphics, ever since playing games as a kid on a friend’s fantastic Commodore 64 in the early 80’s or toying around with dad’s Macintosh SE/30 in the 90’s.  Studied 3D Animation (BA) and Special Visual Effects (MSc) at the University of Bournemouth, UK.  After having worked as visual/3D artist in various positions in Greece and UK, he started his own freelance 3D Visualization practice in Crete, Greece.  In 2014 he was joined by Elena Kosmaoglou, an exceptional 3D artist with strong Architecture background, and Manos Frangiadakis, a seasoned 3D professional with vast & deep knowledge in the field of computer graphics. Year by year, the studio keeps growing and evolving as new skilled artists and professionals with diverse backgrounds join in.

The team relies on experience and expertise in 3D visualization techniques, workflows, software & hardware, architecture & design to create state-of-the-art CG imagery and presentations.
Every project is treated as a new opportunity to push the boundaries of creativity and technology in order to produce outstanding visual material.  The Studio is focused on Architecture and Product visualization, but will also provide services for Advertisement & Television projects.

Studio + HQ | Heraklion, Crete

Kostas Pamfilos


Stressed out. Invariably busy. Ultimate goal in life: Find spare time.

Manos Fragkiadakis

Tech Guru

Living Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics. Master problem solver. Barefoot.

Kostas Karatasos

Project Manager

Smooth, organized, thorough. In a futile mission to bring order to a chaotic gang of fried brains... ahem 3D artists.

Elena Kosmaoglou

3D Artist

No task, however huge or complex can daunt Elena. Super-cool, patient & methodical.

John Moschovis

3D Artist

Meticulous, perfectionist. Inhumanly calm & focused. Most probably an android.

George Bigiakis

3D Artist

A 3D craftsman with all sorts of tools & tricks under his belt. Very loud too, keeps the office awake.

Contact Office | Athens

Thanassis Vlachogiannis

Business Development Manager

Visionary, restless, persistent. Always on the lookout for the next move, the next goal, the next challenge.


3D Rendering

High quality photorealistic renderings for Architecture, Interior Design, Product/Industrial Design projects

3D Animation

Bring your project alive with impressive cinematic walkthrough 3D animations.  The most effective way to add that wow-factor to your presentations

3D Virtual Reality

Provide a unique experience to your clients with immersive 360 VR/Stereoscopic presentations

3D Tracking

A combination of live drone footage with 3D computer generated video that seamlessly blends an architecture project of any scale with its natural surroundings